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72 Hours in Venice

Venice in 72 Hours 

The European continent is the home to many cities that are perfect to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones and set the mood to enjoy a dreamy couple getaway with loads of charismatic attractions, activities and things to get indulge in. If you have been thinking to have a holiday in one of these cities, the preferred destination to have a budget getaway is be Venice.

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An Italian city that is a marvel and features an abundant variety of spellbinding features such as canal ways, historical sites, ample of islands, picturesque lifestyle, incredible gourmet and more, Venice makes a perfect getaway option for a dreamy getaway with more enjoyment and less expenses. So, if can connect with the thought, following are the things you will regret missing whilst you are on a trip to Venice.

<img src ="Venice.png" alt="Venice by Gondola>

A Gondola Ride
Always a must. A trip to Venice is simply incomplete if you haven't been on the world famous gondolas of Venice. One of the major local transport methods of the city as well as most reputed attraction of the country, gondola rides are the finest and most magnificent experiences you can treasure in Venice.
If you stumble across any elder native of the city and ask them what the relevance of gondolas in the city is, they will simply tell you that the city is meant to be experienced through its waters. An overpriced yet worth every penny experience, gondola ride is the perfect way to set your mood and give you all the lovely moments you can have with your partner in Venice. Needless to say, the spellbinding architecture witnessed through the water ways increases the charm of Venice tenfold.

Burano and Torcello
If you are done riding gondolas but aren't completely satisfied from boat rides, then it's time that you should take an outskirt trip to some of a few famous and bewitching islands around Venice. Take a boat and get going on a journey to visit Torcello and Burano Islands that are nestled close to the charming city of Venice and boasted with the attributes of a whole different world.
At one side, the island of Burano appears to be the dream come true of a photographer where you will find abundant number of colorful houses that are settled in an unusual patter and giving away a splendid experience whereas Torcello island is a typical Venetian city that has a big number of historical sites, religious places and a wide variety of typical Italian features. Exploring these islands will be the most epic experience in your life.

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St Mark's Square
Saint Mark's Square is the biggest and finest attraction of Venice, ideally famous for its huge size, collection of small landmarks and incredible diversity with picturesque typical Gothic architecture. Appearing to be like a common room of the city, this plaza consist of touristy sites, wonderful places to sit down and admire the locals and superb attractions like Basilica San Marco, Clock Tower, Correr Museum, Doge's Palace and more.
Visiting here during post noon will give you some hassle as this square is the most crowded attraction of the entire city and people often tend to take their routes from here for easy and quick connectivity. Places like Basilica San Marco and Doge's Palace require entry fee and it is advised to make your reservations well in advance to skip the long queues.

<img src ="Venice.png" alt="Venice Highlights">

Markets of Rialto
Established in the 16th century as a fishermen village, this is one of the finest and most reputed open-air markets of the entire Europe and consist of hundreds of shops selling out food supplies. If you have been thinking to have a visit and experience this unique place that is a splendid attraction itself, it is advised to plan your itinerary for this sightseeing between Tuesday to Saturday as the market remains closed on Sunday and Monday.
If you are planning to cook something fresh and delicious in Venice, visiting Rialto Markets is a must to get all the ingredients and meat from the local shops at a reasonable price. Take the route from Grand Canal and visit here and enjoy a spellbinding boat ride at the time of shopping.

Venice is considered to be one of the safest and understood cities in the world and whether you believe it or not, no matter what route you take, the chances of you being stranded in an unfamiliar place are close to zero.
People often enjoy taking a stroll down the roads of Venice and often enjoy vising new, fresh and unseen places including myriad restaurants, local attractions and more. If you insist, keep a local map with you in your pocket to be on safe side and know your way back home.

Use gondola rides or walk anywhere you want and you will surely come across many unseen or undiscussed attractions such as boatyards, local markets, specialty shops, traditional restaurants and more that are really affordable as compared to other shops close to the biggest attractions.

<img src ="Venice.png" alt="Venice Delights">

Venice is among the most remarkable cities that is built on more than 100 islands and has over 400 bridges, nearly 180 canal ways and more than 10 dozens of squares.

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Exploring a city that is extremely diverse, beautiful and have attributes like above surely needs some expertise and you shall be very well versed with it all before booking your flights to Venice and heading towards one of the most reputed couple getaway destinations of Italy.
So, now that you know the most that is necessary, you are all set to enjoy a dreamy, ravishing and tranquilizing getaway experience at the queen of the Adriatic.

Monday, 16 October 2017

Venetian Masks - Hide Your Identity

Masquerade Masks. 

Venice by Night.

Venetian Masks

Venetian masquerade masks came from Venice, Italy with regards to festival.

This mask was worn over the Carnival period. First documented use dating back to the 13th century. During the carnival in Venice, people used masks to conceal their true faces and mingle with others of different social standings. This way their identity and social status are kept hidden.

Here is a preview of  Nightlife in Venice

<img src ="Venician Mask.png" alt="Venice by Night">
Venetian Mask

This often happens for today's masquerade parties where Venetian masquerade masks are worn. Wearing of Venetian masks was more favoured through the upper classes over the past centuries.

Aside from hiding the identity on the wearers, people are able to experiment sexually devoid of the fear of being recognized. Anyone who admires somebody has the ability to express her or his love or affection without needing to show their face.

<img src ="Venitian Mask.png" alt="Venice by Night">
Venetian Mask

People have a tendency to say many become more honest if they wear masks. They can do what they really want more freely and inhibitions are freed.The modern Venetian masks, just as the Venetian masks worn last 13th century are seen as a their complex designs. They are featured with bright colors accented with gold or silver. Most in the designs on the Venetians are adopted from Commedia dell'arte.

These masks are of several shapes and they also can also be full-face masks like Bauta or eye masks for example Columbina.Venetian masquerade masks can be created from several materials like plasters, leather and paper mache. They are usually hand-painted that have fabric trims, jewels and also other materials to further improve them.

<img src ="Venitian Mask.png" alt="Venice by Night">
Venetian Mask

Aside from the instances of Venetian masquerade masks which are mentioned, other sorts of these masks are Volto or Larva, Moretta, Medico Della Peste or "The Plague Doctor" as well as others.

The classical long nose design of masks remains a popular sort of Venetian masquerade masks which might be worn at many events.

<img src ="Venitian Mask.png" alt="Venice by Night">
Venetian Mask

These varieties of masks happen to be used and so are famous within the Hollywood. They were used from the film Eyes Wide Shut where Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman include the lead actor and actress.Venetian masquerade masks are still being worn by many individuals who attend masquerade balls to create elegance and wonder to the ones who use them.

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The Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic seas lap against some of the most beautiful and interesting coasts of Europe. Starting from Rome, our journey takes us around Italy, diverting to Albania and Croatia en route to Venice, and on to Lake Garda. Enjoy views of the beautiful Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast, the dramatic sights of Stromboli and Dalmatia, and the serenity of Lake Garda. And every day in port can be spent contemplating an incredible UNESCO-protected attraction, including Pompeii and Herculaneum, the Greek temples of Paestum, ancient Lecce, the Palace of Diocletian and La Fenice Theatre, where many great Italian composers premiered their operas.

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The Tyrrhenian, Ionian and Adriatic seas lap against some of the most beautiful and interesting coasts of Europe. Starting from Rome, our journey takes us around Italy, diverting to Albania and Croatia en route to Venice, and on to Lake Garda. Enjoy views of the beautiful Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast, the dramatic sights of Stromboli and Dalmatia, and the serenity of Lake Garda. And every day in port can be spent contemplating an incredible UNESCO-protected attraction, including Pompeii and Herculaneum, the Greek temples of Paestum, ancient Lecce, the Palace of Diocletian and La Fenice Theatre, where many great Italian composers premiered their operas

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Save on Your Holidays to Greece!

Your Holiday 2018

These are fantastic, holidays in Greece,  promotions by Titan Travel for 2018. Cost of a holiday is always a concern. You can get a huge saving if booked before 24 October 2017. Look forward to a luxury holiday planned for today and taken tomorrow. These holiday travel deals are few and far between.

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Spend a week and travel on the largest and most southerly of the Greek islands; an island that some consider to also be Greece’s most beautiful, as its coastal plains stretch up to high mountainous ranges that almost divide the island in two. 
Crete’s desirable climate and landscape has created a past filled with turbulence and success, most notably in numerous mythological legends to which it can lay claim and for its advanced former occupants of the Minoan civilisation. 
Staying for seven nights at your hotel, the choice will be whether to relax by the crystal-blue sea, by the pool, or join included and optional excursions to further explore this historical and charming island.

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Brown Galleon Shift in Blue Sea
Captivating Greece

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The noble Ionian island of Corfu is entwined with many myths and tales that make it as intriguing as it is beautiful.
On our new tour to this stunning destination, we have included excursions to Corfu Town and highlights such as the characterful fishing village of Paleokastritsa, on Corfu’s spectacular coastline, and the Imperial palace of Achilleion, decorated by Elisabeth, Empress of Austria, who had an eye for beauty.
You have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the Greek hospitality, or choose to fill your days further with optional visits to mainland Greece or Albania, where legends continue to intrigue.

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Free stock photo of food, climate, wood, light
Captivating Holiday
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Enjoy an unforgettable journey from the sublime city of Venice to the birthplace of democracy, Athens.
On the way, view Renaissance masterpieces in Urbino, visit Diocletian’s vast palace in Split, and admire the natural wonder of Kotor Bay.
This voyage also takes you to ancient Olympia and Pylos with its huge natural harbour, castle and surrounding pine-covered hills. Before reaching Athens there is time to call at Hydra, one of Greece’s most charming and picturesque islands.

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bay, beach, blue
Ocean Cruise
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Lion and Lioness

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October Half Term Holidays!

October half term Holidays

Ice Lolly Suggetions

October Half Term Holidays
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8 Best Places To Visit In Italy

8 Best Places To Visit In Italy.  Where Italians go!

You’re at a restaurant and wish for wine, but you’re unclear what to order. A Tuscan Chianti or Piedmontese Barolo?  Or, do you want to splurge on new boots, a winter coat or possibly a handbag.
There are great places in Italy that offer Italian-manufactured clothing and footwear which are coveted around the globe for their quality and brand. The point is, Italians have great taste. Like, Maserati- and Marni- great taste.

<img src ="Destination Italy" alt="Italian">
Destination Italy

You can depend on that Italians’ favourite domestic travel spots are as favoloso as his or her food and fashion.
The best places to visit in Italy are numerous and here, we’ve outlined the superior destinations where Italians themselves holiday.

Southeast Italy.
The southeastern the main country (i.e., the heel of the boot) is less crowded plus more affordable than places like Tuscany and also the Amalfi Coast. Add sandy beaches with clear waters plus historic significance and head towards the peaceful Puglia countryside.
It becomes clear why this region is really popular with vacationing Italians. The beautiful and historic capital of scotland- Lecce (the “Florence with the South”) is one kind of Italy’s most under-the-radar destinations for food and culture, with restaurants, shops, piazzas and palazzos. You'll find the Basilica di Santa Croce -- maybe the most beautiful church inside the city.

<img src ="Places In Italy.png" alt="Italian">
Great Views

Lecce is located inside Salento region, that's famous due to its wines. The wine-producing area of Salice Salentino is thirty minutes west from Lecce by car. On the Ionian side of Salento is historic Gallipoli, whose scenic old town is placed on a limestone island linked on the mainland by way of a 16th-century bridge. Other popular places add some resort towns of Torre Dell’Orso and Otranto, the place defined by its ancient stone buildings, plunge-ready rock pools and laid-back beaches like Baia dei Turchi.

Amalfi Coast is one of the places that swarms of tourists -- even Italians -- arrive daily to view one in the world’s most popular coastlines. Yes, you will find massive summertime crowds, exorbitant high-season hotel rates and hard-to-navigate roads, even so the payoff -- ingesting vertigo-inducing views on the Mediterranean and exploring unbelievably photogenic villages that are part of rocky cliffs -- will probably be worth the travel hassles.

<img src ="Facts about Italy.png" alt="Italy">

Our Amalfi Coast Trip is exciting covering Rome Amalfi and Sorrento.  Naples Italy can be a foodie destination of legendary proportions, and Naples in excess of pulls how heavy it is on this front.
The third-largest city in Italy, Naples is widely viewed as the birthplace of pizza, countless visitors here are on the pilgrimage to get the very best pie topped with San Marzano tomatoes and mozzarella and charred to chewy perfection in a very wood-burning oven. Naples’ culinary delights don’t begin and end with oven-fired pizza: The port city is renowned due to its seafood, spaghetti, gelato, zeppole, coffee, wine and limoncello (strong lemon liqueur, emphasis on strong). Between euphoric throes of meals, there’s plenty else to try and do. Naples is one on the oldest cities in Europe -- its origins date to your 9th century B.C. -- as well as profusion of art, architecture and archaeology could vie with Rome and Florence.

<img src ="Florence.png" alt="Italian Tour">

For example, the historic centre (a UNESCO World Heritage site) is home of the Chiesa di San Gregorio Armeno, a 16th-century Baroque masterpiece; the Duomo, a Roman Catholic cathedral that broke ground from the 13th century; and San Giovanni Maggiore, a basilica with stone original to its fourth-century construction. Though Naples’ prestige dates to antiquity, the modern-day experience on the city is rife with grit, graffiti, trash, crime and congestion.

Sicily is certainly a hub for writers, artists and expats. Today, the island’s countless annual tourists include celebrities, NBA stars, media moguls from worldwide, and, increasingly, mainlanders. In fact, as outlined by data from UnionCamere Sicilia (this company of Sicily’s Chambers of Commerce), around 50 % of Sicily’s visitors in the past several years have been Italians themselves. Like those travelling from abroad, Italians arrive at Sicily to determine sparkling seas, rugged landscapes, Roman and Greek ruins and charming old towns with winding cobbled streets and tiled roofs. Cefalu, is the quintessential Sicilian seaside town, filled with excellent trattorias and cafes. Hike to the very best of the town’s iconic La Rocca for excellent views on the surrounding landscape and Tyrrhenian Sea.

<img src ="Capri.png" alt="The Trip to Italy">

Northern Italy’s Mountains and Lakes
Most pop culture buffs could play a really quick word-association game with all the phrases “George Clooney” and “Lake Como.” Long before it turned out a favorite for American A-listers, the famous Alpine lake while others nearby were Italian idylls for European royalty, romantic poets, diplomats and well-off natives. Even ancient Romans were drawn to the region’s spectacular lake and mountain views. Today, aquatic events, boating, hiking, biking (ambitious cyclists can loop Lake Como) and wildlife-spotting are favorite pastimes.
In addition to Lake ComoLake Garda (the country’s largest lake) and Lake Maggiore are top destinations in northern Italy.

A trip to Lake Garda, Venice and Verona is a must.
The lakes shores are lined with lush woodlands, beautiful villas and picturesque villages -- Bellagio on Lake Como (dubbed “the Pearl with the Lake”) and Riva del Garda and Bardolino on Lake Garda are specifically popular stopovers.

Siena and Rural Tuscany Siena might be considered the prototype for Tuscan towns.
Its centro storico (historic center) is packed with narrow, pedestrian-only streets and sites just like the magnificent Siena Cathedral and Piazza del Campo, Siena’s main square -- viewed as one with the best samples of a medieval square in Europe.

<img src ="Amalfi.png" alt="Italian">

Every July and August, Piazza del Campo fills with countless bystanders to the Palio di Siena, annual races where jockeys ride horses bareback round the treacherous track and tight corners. Outside of Siena’s historic walls, the Tuscan countryside rolls outside in every direction. This section of the world has long enticed travellers featuring its bucolic fields and farmland, dotted with moody cypress trees and rustic farmhouses, along with its wine, thermal hot springs and hiking and mountain-biking trails.

All around are castles, monasteries (such as the roofless Abbey of Saint Galgano in Chiusdino), and walled towns dating on the Middle Ages. One such town, San Gimignano, inside the province of Siena, is notable with the Romanesque and Gothic architecture seen in its UNESCO-designated historic centre.

Emilia-Romagna Tuscany and Naples are really no slouches on the subject of food and wine, but Emilia-Romagna is Italy’s true epicurean superstar.  Italian cuisine -- Parmigiano-Reggiano, prosciutto, polenta and pastas like tortellini, lasagna and tagliatelle -- are native to the northeastern region.
You can tour the region with a 6 day train journey covering Venice, Florence, Lucca and other major interesting sites. Here is the Link for the Orient Express Train Journey

Needless to say, food tours with the Emilia-Romagna countryside and cities of Bologna and Parma are must-dos, though the region’s magnificent basilicas, piazzas and museums demand lots of sightseeing time, too. (A short list includes the Basilica San Vitale and Mausoleum of Galla Placidia in Ravenna, Modena’s 12th-century duomo, as well as the ancient Bridge of Tiberius in Rimini.) Emilia-Romagna’s terrific food, wine and historic sites include the stars in the show, and also the region’s remarkable affordability relative to your more touristy

Tuscany is the icing on the cake (or perhaps the balsamic vinegar of Modena about the strawberries, because the case might be).

<img src ="Sardinia.png" alt="Italy Tour">

Sardinia is to Italians exactly what the Caribbean is to North Americans. The island’s Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) from the north is specially beautiful, with sandy beaches and exceptionally blue waters. The area was developed in the1960s as a possible exclusive getaway for your uber-rich (think Russian billionaires with mega-yachts). That level of luxury still exists, however these days Costa Smeralda attracts tourists all walks of life -- especially during its peak season in August and September.

Costa Smeralda is among Italy’s most iconic attractions, there is however a stunning coastline throughout Sardinia, on the dramatic windblown terrain of Capo Testa in the north to your breathtaking beaches near Capo Spartivento in the south. And the vertical cliffs of Capo Caccia in the west create spectacular sunset viewing.

A ferry ride from the area of Palau delivers visitors towards the Maddalena islands, an archipelago with crazy-beautiful beaches which might be mostly untouched by tourism -- for the moment.

<img src ="Flights.png" alt="Flights to Italy">

Flights to Italy are frequent and the trip takes around 3 hours from UK airports.
You can book your cheap flights online now and secure the best dea